A jack of all trades

When you can't stick to just one thing, you start to learn passion management. It's like project management, but fanciful.

  • Programming

    The passion for coding has it's water spring in that feeling when you create something and you see it working and used by others. I find it priceless. Being able to create anything you have on your mind is pretty amazing. You can follow my journey on Atomic Wordpress.

  • Comics and caricatures

    Exploring Behavioral Science using dark humor and a bit of salt. A few A.I. Pumpkin Robots talk about how humans behave on Atomic Pumpkins. They sometimes cross the common sense line, but there's nothing to do about. You just deal with it.

  • Illustrations. Drawings. Paintings.

    There's always the fear named "I can't do this". Alien Creativity aims to be a place for aspiring artists where they can find motivation, inspiration, and resources for a part / full-time profession or simply a side hobby.


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